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NLP Meta Agent of Change - Master Practitioner level

This is the level for development of your own models, improving your ability to work with language and working with clients.

You will have conditioned your NLP Patterns learned at NLP Agent of Change / Practitioner through practice & applying them to self and others.  You will obviously have some questions on what worked and what didn't work and will have likely found some difficulties that you might like help in dealing with.

At this Meta level you will both deepen and broaden your understanding of NLP and in particular NLP as an Epistemology, a Methodology and demonstrate through your attitudes and behaviours the distinction between Content & Process.

You will calibrate both conscious & unconscious signals and be able to distinguish between them.    

You will be able to break NLP Techniques into their constituent patterns and apply the patterns intuitively, creating unique techniques for the specific client on the fly.  Work will take place deconstructing Classic Code NLP techniques and re-constructing them as New Code NLP Processes.

There will be more indepth & advanced work on the Linguistic side and deeper work with Values. Working on yourself and intense client work will be expected during the course of the training.

At least one NLP modelling project will be undertaken. It may be started and completed during the course or completed after the course if required. Sometimes presentation skills are addressed in order to present the Modelling project to the rest of the class and as a pre-cursor to attending an NLP Trainers Training or the training may be run within a specific context in order for specific modelling projects to be undertaken (i.e. for Therapy, Business or Training).

Syllabus is flexible to include study of older sources from which NLP was derived i.e. Anthropology, Epistemology, Provocative & Gestalt therapy etc. and newer discoveries and areas of exploration in NLP such as Metaphor, Symbollic Modelling, Neuroscience etc. Experimentation, discovery, discussions is all encouraged!

Again the training room will be minimalistic, and training driven by intention, outcome and discovery.