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NLP Basic/Diploma/Introduction to NLP

This training covers the introduction to NLP.  Often referred to as an NLP Diploma, sometimes as a Basic or Introduction to NLP.

It may be as short as an evening introductory session or, as IPANLP suggest, a 2 day to a 4 day exploratory session. These days can count toward NLP Practitioner or NLP Agent of Change training.

You should receive a brief explanation of what NLP is, why it is applicable, how it is utilised and what other areas it can be used in.  This will usually include a brief history of how NLP came to be. 

You will explore the structure of experience and how that structure can be self manipulated to get what you want in life.  Depending on the length of the session a number of NLP topics may be touched upon and demonstrations given.  You will most likely engage in exercises which introduce NLP patterns at the unconscious level (pre-teaching) and employ techniques to encourage change.

It would provide you with a taster to give you an idea of what NLP is, understand what you want from NLP and allow you to make up your mind to take NLP Training further.