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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Indian & International Professional Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming are often asked the same questions multiple times.  Compiled here are some of the most often asked questions with our answer.  

If you have a question which is not answered here please send your question via the Contacts page.

Questions answered below are:

  1. What is the IPANLP?
  2. What sets the IPANLP apart?
  3. Is IPANLP just another NLP membership organisation?
  4. Is IPANLP an NLP 'qualification' or 'accreditation' organisation?
  5. Is IPANLP independent?
  6. With no membership fee, how is IPANLP funded?

What is the IPANLP?

IPANLP stands for Indian & International Professional Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

IPANLP is a self organising, learning community of predominantly Indian & UAE NLP enthusiasts striving to raise the bar and greatly improve the standard of NLP Education & Application worldwide. Our website provides free service and information to NLP enthusiasts in India & UAE and for NLP application & education topics which fall outside the scope of all other existing NLP membership organisations. For example the IPANLP recognise Training in New Code NLP and more recent emerging NLP patterning. This level of instant flexibility is unique internationally. 

We embrace the original intentions of the NLP co-creators, through the core aspects of Embracing change, Increasing Choice, Accepting others models of the world, Variability and most importantly NLP Modelling (as distinct to Analytical Modelling.... a distinction rather than a judgement). 

IPANLP exists to encourage Indian & UAE NLP enthusiasts to raise the bar and exceed their own and other worldwide standards and codes of ethics for excellence in the application and education of NLP in India & UAE.  We encourage continual professional development through practice and attendance of varied NLP trainings and workshops in India, UAE  and internationally.

Our vision is for NLP Enthusiasts in Indian & UAE to continue setting the benchmark in NLP education & application that the rest of the world can only aspire to. 

What sets the IPANLP apart?

Those unique individuals who as NLP enthusiasts in India & UAE associate together through the IPANLP!

IPANLP associates stand out at NLP gatherings, not by way of their certificates (who carries those around?), but by way of their excellent attitudes & behaviours. They participate in a fun, organised way respectful to other participants. They ask good quality questions, well structured in intent and purpose. They are keen to help, demonstrate and practice before, after and during sessions. Their quality of knowledge is eclipsed only by their demonstratable skill and ability in the application of NLP patterns intuitively & naturally. They are most often founding and organisational members of NLP Practice Groups (NPG's).

Did someone like this stand out at the last course you were on? In all probability an IPANLP associate! 

IPANLP embrace one of the core aspects of NLP... to Expand Choice.  We do this, in part, by researching the more recent developments in NLP for entry to our certifications and to encourage healthy discussion about the benefits of each toward distilling the best of the best. Becoming a part of this professional association is complementary, to enable access to all in India & UAE to enjoy NLP, which is a life skill.

IPANLP endorsed professional level NLP certification is a flexible, expanding framework rather than a rigid, outdated, minimal standard.  This enables individuals from all walks of life to gain a professional NLP certification and enhance it as time and money allow. 

We consider every aspect of IPANLP from the ground up from the perspective of our community and do not copy other NLP membership organisations, many of which appear to be little more than "clones" of each other.

Is IPANLP just another NLP Membership Organisation?


Although we are 'members' of a community, there is no initial membership fee and no annual membership fee and as such we consider ourselves a class apart from all NLP membership organisations. Nor are we in competition with NLP membership organisations as we do not seek to build a large membership! In fact our intention is for a small elite community working together for the common good.

QUALITY over quantity!!

IPANLP is an elite community of trusted professional NLP Practitioners and Educators in India & UAE!  All of those who associate in this professional community are equal, irrespective of certifcation level. We're all on the same journey.

We associate together in a spirit of service to promote authentic NLP application & education throughout India & UAE and strive to continuously evolve the traditional set 'standards' of NLP education & application throughout the world.

"None of us is smarter than all of us!" - Steve Andreas

Is IPANLP a 'qualification' or 'Accreditation' Organisation?


Inspiritive of Australia are the only place in the world which offer NLP as a recognized qualification through their Graduate Certification Program, approved by the Australian government country wide throughout Australia.

For the rest of the world NLP is a field of study, not a qualification.

Evaluation and Certification is performed soley by the Trainer, no one else. There are no NLP membership organisations in the world that are able to monitor the standards at each and every one of its member trainers trainings!! No NLP membership organisation has the capacity to assess and certify at all its trainings.

'Accreditation' has to be legally approved by a Government. 

Therefore there is no such thing as an NLP 'Accreditation' organisation or an NLP membership organisation that 'accredits' trainings. The same goes for 'verified', 'internationally recognised' etc.

""Accreditation" means that a government has approved the program and training organization and has included them in its list of qualifications and approved institutions."

"Internationally accredited" means the same as "internationally recognised" and neither carries any authority."

(taken from an article written by Jules Collingwood - SEE HERE for full article)

IPANLP seek to provide a Framework for Excellence, wherein NLP Practitioners & Educators can gauge the progression of their skills in the application of NLP.

Is IPANLP Independent?

The short answer is yes! Although in the short term IPANLP is an initiative of and funded by Charles Saldanha.

We are not an NLP membership organisation, we are unique and so we are able to act independently and intelligently in an effort to maintain the highest quality pool of trusted NLP Practitioners & Educators in India & UAE, perhaps the world.... ;)

In a huge field with continually falling standards, the IPANLP came into existence to develop a passion toward evolving the quality standards and to address the short fall, initially in India, of there being no NLP membership organisation in the world flexible enough to encompass the latest developments in the field of NLP.

Virtually all other NLP membership organisations world wide are aligned with one or more NLP Training organisation. Although it is a good business model to insist that members are trained by an NLP Trainer certificated by IPANLP alone, we do not! We encourage you to seek out as wide and diverse sources teaching the field of study, NLP, in order that in India & UAE at least, the field has the opportunity to expand and grow organically.

IPANLP associates can train with any trainer or organisation they wish and extend their training with other organisations and be invited for that certification to be endorsed by the IPANLP.  This means that when Practitioners are certified but not happy with the training on the course they attended, they do not have to start from scratch with another organisation.  They can take additional training and extend their certification status and be viewed as the professionals they genuinely want to be under IPANLP.

What we want are associates who are rounded and recognised as NLP professionals through THEIR attitudes and behaviours rather than their certificate.  When IPANLP members are present at trainings with members of other organisations IPANLP members stand out due to the fullness of their NLP skill, ability and comprehension.   

With no membership fee, how is the IPANLP funded?

The IPANLP is funded primarily by Charles Saldanha to date.

There is no membership fee.  The issue observed with membership fee's in NLP membership organisations is that either the member gets absolutely no benefit for paying the fee; or they pay a fee for the privilege of buying certificates; or they pay the membership fee to fund services provided to the general membership from the organisation even if the particular member doesn't require the services.

The idea at IPANLP is that only IPANLP recognised Educators & Trainers can issue certificates at their courses which are endorsed by the IPANLP. Previously they were issued within the cost of the course fee, which is tantamount to buying the certificate. The IPANLP suggests that the certificate is charged extra at Rs.500/-, which means that the Trainer doesn't have to give certification unless the participant earns it through assessment and evaluation.

The Rs.500/- is then divided, Rs.250/- going to the Trainer for their administration costs & Rs.250/- going toward IPANLPs administration costs.

The Trainer has a responsibility to maintain a record of training for the participant and making IPANLP aware so that we can keep our records up to date. This is because, uniquely, IPANLP certificates carry details of ALL trainings attended at that level, which sets IPANLP endorsed certifcates apart from NLP membership organisations.

Association is reviewed once a year in August so that ALL community associations run from August to August.

There is no annual membership fee to pay although associates are encouraged to attend some form of NLP training at least once in 2 years to maintain the quality of the community. Not necessarily with an IPANLP endorsed Trainer or Educator.

Any services which IPANLP provide in the future, assocates can decide which ones they want and pay for them individually.