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My garden, my haven!

Interesting that 'Blog', like NLP, is subject to a whole bunch of 'definitions'. I am Charles Saldanha, a multi-certified NLP Trainer and have been involved in a number of international NLP organisations over the years. Welcome to my NLP, weB log :)

Strange as it seems, NLP may well disappear, like a candle being extinguished by a sudden draft. Currently the dim light of the candle is being overpowered by the lumens from the plethora of PowerPoint presentations. It is asserted, by one who knows, that 99% of NLP Trainers haven't got a clue about NLP! The question is, who is turning them out to be this way? Is it intentional or do these trainers, of NLP trainers, themselves actually have little or no clue about NLP!

I am fortunate and grateful to live in my ancestral home of Goa. Goa is one of the smallest yet one of the richest states in India. In Goa I enjoy a wonderful & extensive garden. And while some may see all gardens as the same, there are to my mind some significant differences. The visually appealing well-tended English rose garden which disguises the toxic chemical soaked soils from pesticides used to keep nature at bay. Or the small, neat, efficient window box kept in German apartments to give a hint of what can never be accomplished with inadequate resources. In contrast the gardens of Goa are rustic, natural, perhaps not as neat nor well tended but with a beautiful lush honesty which cannot be denied.

No one could claim my garden as their own as I can choose which plants I want to nurture, I can place them where I want to, it is uniquely me. I can admire the tall coconut trees, the breath-taking beauty of sweet mango and bitter tamarind and the regal stance of the teak. The shade given is very welcome, particularly when it is hottest, at midday when the sun is at its highest and the gentle breeze which rustles through the leaves giving a sense as though they are literally,  “whispering in the wind”.

Occasionally someone will come by and rattle my gate. I hear it and know that the gate to my garden is strong and sturdy, it keeps unwanted visitors out and can be opened widely to welcome guests in. As is common here, neighbourhood & street dogs wander freely. Often they will bark loudly and have you noticed that it's always the fearful dogs that bark the loudest! Perhaps they need to assert their dominance, to act as if they are master of their territory. Yet when approached, calmly & assertively, they quieten down as if they know who the master really is!

They become submissive, wagging their tail, feigning loyalty, but what they usually want is an undeserved treat. I've learned from experience that these dogs must be made do something productive in order to earn the treat, otherwise they become lazy and habituated in expecting something for nothing.

I get to enjoy my garden, relaxing in the shade, enjoying my surroundings, reading my favourite book. I choose what to plant, where to plant it, who to let in and whom to keep out, because it is my garden!

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