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Rip off Britain!

There was a period in time when Brits had a phrase 'rip off Britain'. It was a time where prices for items in the UK were significantly higher than for the same item in Europe and surrounding places abroad.

This was particularly noticable in the prices of vehicles. The same make and model of car was thousands of pounds more in the UK than it was abroad in Europe.

Another popular phase at the time in the UK was DIY, Do It Yourself. Brits pride themselves on mastering all kinds of skills so that they can 'Do It Themselves' rather than relying on contractors. So if they wanted a small garden wall, or path built, or electrical re-wiring or even a complete extension built on their house they would get together with friends and Do It Themselves.

So Brits who wanted a new car and noticed the significant difference in price compared to Europe would figure out a way to Do It Themselves. They figured out that it was cheaper to have a holiday in Europe, buy the car directly from the manufacturer, drive it back to the UK and in the bargain save themselves a very significant and useful sum of money. Same car, much better deal, although they did have to expend some effort which they quite happily reframed as a holiday.

Removing the need for costly marketing, paid salesmen, costly transport, expending some effort and a relatively small personal cost and Doing It Yourself can save a very nice sum of money.

It really does make sense, don't you think so?

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