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What is NLP? - Current Answer!

NLP is a dynamic and generative process oriented field of study and so it is difficult to tie it down to one simple and easily understandable description.  This makes it difficult for NLP Membership Organisations to set standards for training in NLP, because standards, by their very nature, restrict choice which flys in the face of the NLP ethos.

What is required is a flexible framework that will recognise and encompass the latest NLP coding, new developments in NLP, recognise prior learnings, practice groups and actually define what exactly an NLP Practitioner is behaviourally via a benchmark, irrespective of which training organisation they studied with.

It is apparent that there are a number of NLP ideas spoken about as though they are the same thing, which may have provided the basis for confusion, particularly for those new to NLP wishing to select an organisation with which to train.

  • FoNLP - Field (of Study) of NLP
  • MoNLP - Modelling of NLP
  • PoNLP - Practice of NLP
  • AoNLP - Application of NLP
  • BoNLP - Business of NLP
  • ToNLP - Training of NLP
  • DoNLP - Development of NLP
  • CoNLP - Community (communities) of NLP

For someone new to NLP, looking for a suitable provider of NLP, it would be a good idea to understand which NLP idea they are interested in and then look for an organisation that provides for it. 

A fuller description & discussion of the above will appear at some future time....